The Load Content table in Infoplus allows users to view Loads in a hierarchy manner.  The contents that make up a Load includes: Cartons, Master Cartons, and Loads.  This table also displays Item Receipts, Location details, and the Load Behavior Type.  If you are looking for order details or item breakdown in a Load, visit Packing Details.  To learn more about Loads or how to use Loads, visit Overview of Loads or Warehouse App - Load.

Load Content

Navigate to the Load Content table using your quick actions menu.

The Load Content table will appear and should be similar to the picture below.  Add or remove fields by using the column feature in the right corner.  Notice, you will see the breakdown of a load in the terms of cartons, master cartons, and loads.  A parent load can contain other loads.  If the load is staged, the location will appear on the Load Contents table.  

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