EasyPost is a 3rd party company that we use to interface with all the various parcel carriers.  Rather than build out custom integrations with UPS, FedEx, DHL, etc, Easypost does a lot of that work for us and makes it much simpler to generate parcel labels when using Infoplus.  For UPS, FedEx, DHL, etc., the cost of the labels are billed back to the parcel accounts and invoiced by those carriers.

To setup an EasyPost account different information is needed for each specific carrier. This article will define the information that is needed specifically for each carrier.

Connecting USPS 

    1. To connect a USPS account, we will need the client's billing address, phone number and email address.             (Please note that when signing up with EasyPost an USPS account is provided)


Please keep in mind that with USPS it will be billed through your Easypost account and you will receive commercial plus pricing plan.  

To learn about rates, please select this link:  https://www.easypost.com/usps-rate-chart

            i. Here is the info required to set up a USPS account:

Connecting UPS

1.  To Connect a UPS account we will need the Account's Billing Address, Company Information and information  from an Invoice issued within the last 90 days.

2. The information needed from the last 90 days will be Invoice Number, Invoice Date, Invoice Amount, Invoice Currency(if applicable) and Invoice Control ID

        i. Note: If it is a new account, the Invoice Fields will not be needed.


       ii. Here is the info required to set up a UPS account:

  1. UPS SurePost registration
    1. You must contact EasyPost support (support@easypost.comdirectly to add UPS SurePost to an EasyPost Account.  
      1. We can bypass having EP support add this, follow this wiki: Create UPS SurePost Account in Easypost
    2. The information they're looking for is a UPS Account Number, UPS User ID, and UPS Password.  
      1. These are typically the same credentials used for the standard UPS account.

Connecting FedEx

FedEx registration

  1.  Here is the info required to set up a FedEx account:

FedEx SmartPost registration

  1. Here is the required info to register for FedEx SmartPost.  Typically, the SmartPost Account Number, Meter Number, Access Key, and Access Key Password are the same that are used when creating the standard FedEx account (I.E. FedEx SmartPost Account Number = FedEx Production Account Number).  The Account Number is typically 9 digits and the HubID is typically a 4 digit number.

Carrier Certification

Some of the carriers required sample labels for certification.  Each one is a little different.  Here are some notes on this:

  1. FedEx 
    1. No verification required.
  2. UPS
    1. No certification required.
  3. UPS Mail Innovations
    1. Client must provide all rates(domestic & international) so EasyPost can load them.
  4.  GSO
    1. Certification was as simple as sending a couple of sample labels to the GSO account representative