Infoplus users can make use of the a href HTML attribute to embed clickable links in any of our confirmation email templates or custom email templates.

<a href="ClickableLinkGoesHere"> Link Text Goes Here </a>confirmation email templates

Link Recipients to Google Search

If you want to skip the hassle of linking directly to carriers, consider using google search instead.  Google will automatically detect what carrier service the tracking number is from and will link your recipient directly to that carrier's site. 

As seen in the snippet below, we are using the generic "" and then inserting the tracking number using the ${order.TrackingNos} variable. 

<a href="${order.trackingNos}">${order.trackingNos}</a>

Link Recipients Directly to Carrier Tracking

Listed below are tracking links to commonly used parcel carriers that can be copy and pasted into any email template source code (using the a href attribute mentioned above). 

Note that #if #else logic can be used to apply the correct link based on the carrier for the order (see more below).


USPS STAMPS${order.trackingNos}



DHL US${order.trackingNos}

DHL GLOBAL${order.trackingNos}


Inserting the HTML into Email Templates

To insert the a href html in your email template,  click the <> icon in the toolbar of the section that contains your tracking information. This will show you the source code. 

Next, locate the section of code pertaining to your tracking #. Next, insert the code from the snippets above. 

Note: You can use #If #else logic to apply the appropriate link based on the carrier used for the order. In the example below, parcel account id 1 is USPS whereas ID 2 and 3 are UPS.  Parcel Account ID's can be found from the parcel account table. 

Don't forget to save and test your template once done.