There are several things to consider when shipping Orders international.  There is additional information required to send to the carriers for international destinations and this should be accurate. 

  1. Merchandise Pricing: When shipping Orders abroad, it is important to have accurate sell pricing established for the line items on the Order.  These prices will be included on the Commercial invoice (and visible to recipient).
  2. Commodity Codes: Items being shipped need to be associated to Commodity codes.  See Create Commodity Codes
  3. Cartonization data:  For multiple carton orders, it is required that these be either:
    1. Cartonized - Can be done at time of fulfillment
    2. Pack Station - Orders can be packed at the pack station
  4. Customs Info.  Additional customs information should be setup.  Contact support to establish or change these values:
    1. Incoterm - Value for handling duties and taxes, defaults to 'DDP' (Delivered Duty Paid)
    2. Non-delivery option, defaults to Return (to shipper) when undeliverable.
    3. When shipping over $2500, AES number must be provided.

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