The Infoplus mobile floor apps are designed to run with simplicity and ease on the warehouse floor. The app is compatible with both Android and Apple operating systems which enables you to use phones, tablets and hand held scanners throughout your facility. Why pay thousands for traditional rugged devices when you can get faster and more reliable equipment at a fraction of the cost? We're compatible with anything running recent versions of Android and iOS; however, we have compiled a list of solutions that we have positive client feedback on:

Handhelds & Cradles 

  • Infinite Peripherals (iOS) - put any ios device to work in an Apple-esque designed case/cradle with 1 or 2 dimensional scanners built directly in. The majority of Infoplus clients opt to use iPad's that give their workers a bigger screen, others opt to use smaller devices such as iPod Touches with an LP5 case. There is also a popular option to add an Apto Pistol Grip for an additional $99.
  • Zebra Technologies (Android) -  Anything made by Zebra is going to be of good quality and they offer great customer service. We have clients reporting that the TC72 / TC77 touch devices and the TC8000 have all worked well with Infoplus. 
Wearables & Hands-Free Solutions
  • Zebra Technologies (Android/iOS) -  offers a variety of wearable and hands-free solutions which is optimal for pick to cart or fork lift operations. We highly recommend the RS6000 Bluetooth Ring Scanner paired with a tablet attached to a pick cart or lift truck (your local music store will sell tablet holders with clip attachments at a reasonable price). 
Long Range Scanning
  • Honeywell Granit 1980i & 1981i (Android/iOS) -  The Honeywell 1980i & 1981i are wireless scanners designed for 1D or 2D barcode scanning up to 50ft. 

Where to get the Infoplus Apps

Use your normal Infoplus credentials to login into the mobile apps. Be sure to include the https:// when entering your site URL.

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