Lines of Business (LOBs) can be created and managed from the Line of Business table at any time.  Assign a name and code to each of your clients. The code field is what shows up across the system in the LOB columns. 

If you are using Infoplus Insights, the Service Defaults, Account Status and SLA Rules can be configured here. 

Step by Step Line of Business Setup

Once the new line of business record is created you are ready to start implementing it into the rest of the site. Consider each bolded step below, not every step is necessary for some LOB's. 

** denotes required fields

Users & Roles

Will this LOB need any Users or Roles setup? If so, we recommend setting permissions at the Role level and assigning users to roles. Note that permissions can be granted at the user level as well, if necessary. 

Example of Role Level Permission: 

  • The Warehouse Manager's role is set to Warehouse Manager in Infoplus. This role has specific LOBs attached to it. If the Infoplus Administrator is adding new LOBs, they will not automatically be added to the Warehouse Manager's role and they will not see the new LOBs.
  • To remedy this issue, the administrator will have to add new LOB to the role, Warehouse Manager, after creating the new LOB.

Warehouse Doc and Email Templates

Does this LOB require Packing Slips and/or Order Invoices?  (see attached PDF's to see where each field ends up on the document)

When possible, we recommend duplicating an existing records and changing things as needed. Get a good base template in place and this step becomes easy going forward. 

Data You Might Want/Need

  • Customer Logo(s)

  • Customer Service Contact Information

  • Marketing Verbiage

  • Disclaimers

Keep in mind that packing slips can be changed via triggers. This allows you to dictate templates based on any order smart filter (ie certain sku's, certain order sources, zip codes etc.) 

Does this LOB require Email Confirmations?

Order Sources**

Order Sources are required and are used to automatically assign packing slip / order invoice templates, emails, GS1 settings, SLA data and more. A line of business can have as many order sources as necessary. Note that every line of business will have a default 'Not Specified' order source that gets generated with every line of business. 


Every line of business will need their Items uploaded. Items can be manually created, duplicated from an existing item or Bulk Loaded. **A pre-requisite to adding items is having Item Categories & Sub Categories ** for them.

Receiving Criteria Schemes are used to determine what fields are required at receipt for each item.  

Item Serial Schemes 


if the LOB has Kit on Demand needs where you create a 'kit' as you pick the order.


Vendors are required for all ASN's. If you do not track vendors, you will still need to create a generic vendor for the LOB. 

Other Customizations

Will this LOB need customization like Barcodes or Smart Documents? How about Custom Fields?  note custom fields are global and therefore visible to all Lines of Business. Here are the custom field type options:

  • Boolean - true/false

  • Date - us en 

  • String - text field up to 250 characters

  • Integer - numbers only 

Scripts will this LOB need any scripts, or will any current scripts need adjust because of this LOB? 

Shopping Cart Connections

Shopping Carts - does this client have a Shopify, Magento, eBay, WooCommerce, BigCommerce or Channel Advisor cart to integrate? 

If we don't offer the cart you need out of the box, it's likely we have you covered with our turn key integration with Cart Rover

What is needed?

  • Store URL

  • Admin Login and Password

  • Order Source

Carton Types

Tell us what packaging options this LOB has access to via Carton Types.

Parcel & Third Part Parcel Accounts

Third Party Parcel Accounts

What is needed:

  • Type of Carrier (eg. FedEx, UPS, USPS, etc.)

  • Account Number

  • Billing Address for the Account

If this LOB ships Internationally, you'll want to have the following: 

  • Commodity Codes (Harmonized Tarif Codes)
  • International Shipping Parcel Services

Other Considerations...

  • User Reports
  • EDI Connections
  • 3PL Billing Setup
  • Cart Rover Connections
  • Job Recipes
  • ShipStation Connections

If you have any further questions regarding lines of business, our Forum is a good place to start.  If you cannot find the answer there, please reach out to Customer Support.