When shipping out of Infoplus you can experience errors that are returned from the Carriers when attempting to buy parcel labels.  This guide can help you in deciding how to handle some of those errors. 

Error Messages & Resolutions

General and Domestic

Error shipping order ##: There was a problem creating labels. Authentication FailedReach out to Infoplus Support, there could be a problem with how the carrier is setup. 
Error shipping order ##: Missing or invalid shipper numberFirst, verify that the shipper account number being used is accurate.  

If the shipper account is accurate, another possible cause for UPS accounts is the UPS.com user id isn't associated to the client's UPS shipping account. To check this, login to ups.com and go to https://wwwapps.ups.com/ppc/ppc.html?loc=en_US#/payment.  From the Add Payment Method dropdown select Add Existing Account if you are using an existing account number and enter the needed information.  It will require you to add invoice numbers to verify the account, the have to be from within the last 90 days. 
Error shipping order ##: There was a problem creating labels.  Unable to retrieve DHLExpress rates for US domestic shipments. Contact DHL Express tech support at 1 (800) 527-7298 to confirm the account in question is authorized for domestic shipment. In this instance, the account was not authorized for domestic shipments, so we advise getting in contact with the you DHL account/sales rep to start the authorization process.
Error shipping order ##: Unable to complete shipment purchase. Please contact support@easypost.comThis is error is received when trying to ship an order that had been flagged by Easypost's anti-fraud team.  This flag occurs on any shipment purchase with USPS postage that is greater than $65.  Reach out to Infoplus Support and they can have EasyPost remove the flag. 
Shipping Multiple Cartons when your warehouse is in Canada and you are shipping to Canada error: "Orders to international destinations with multiple cartons must be fully cartonized."On the Warehouse table, the Warehouse in question needs to have the Country spelled out in All Caps (eg. CANADA). 
FedEx Priority_Overnight is not available for this shipmentCheck with FedEx to see that they ship with this service to this zip code.
FedEx returned error:  General FailureThis error messages indicates an intermittent error with FedEx.  If you try again after a few minutes, the issue may be resolved.  
UPS Mail Innovation rates are being used when creating a label.If using a predefined carton type:
The carton(s) you are shipping with for this service need to have the predefined carton type of "BPMPARCEL" assigned to them. For more info see our Create Carton Types article.

If not using a predefined carton type:
Please contact Infoplus Support with your UPS Mail Innovations Rate File(s) so we can send them to Easypost to get loaded.
Error Shipping Order(s) to Puerto Rico when PR is in the Ship To State FieldTo be compliant with the carrier service, PUERTO RICO needs to be in the Ship To Country field, the Ship To State field can be left blank. This is the same for all US Territories including Guam, the US Virgin Islands and American Samoa.
The UPS account number provided as the payment method cannot be billed, please try another account.Check if the order has a 3rd Party Parcel Account associated with it.  If so, this error message can indicate a problem with that account, such as an incorrect account number.  For example, UPS account numbers must include uppercase letters (not lowercase).

If you need to edit the Third Party Parcel Account record, note that you may need to Edit your order (using Edit Processed Orders) once to remove the 3rd Party Parcel Account from the order, and a second time to re-add the 3rd Party Parcel Account, to ensure that it is synchronized with the Third Party Parcel Account record.
Carrier did not respond.
This error messages indicates an intermittent error with the carrier.  If you try again after a few minutes, the issue may be resolved.  You may also check the Infoplus Status page for more information.  
If the following error message is received in Ship Station:
"Unable to complete shipment purchase: rate mis-match during purchase: re-rate shipment and retry purchase"
This is an Easy Post error most likely related to failing address verification. Please double-check the shipping address for the correct city, state and zip code.
There was a problem creating labels. shipment.to_address.street2: Longer than maximum length 35
Infoplus combines the character length from both 2nd and 3rd streets thus the combined total needs to be under 35 characters or this error will appear. 


Error: Multi-carton parcel orders shipping to international destinations must be cartonized.When you have multiple cartons for an Order you have to take the Order through the Pack Station, or use automated Cartonization, before you can Ship it, so that the customs information can include what items are in which carton.
Problem: Canadian Orders must have a province in Street 3.When shipping internationally, you have to have the State or Province in the Street 3/Province field.  Edit the order (using Edit Processed Orders) and correct its address to proceed.  
Unable to Complete Shipment Purchase: Missing but Required: product valueThe Order you are attempting to ship is missing line item pricing.  You can either, edit the Item Receipt that the Order allocated from and add the List Price or you can edit the Order's Line Item Price(s) in the Prices tab of the Order. 
Shipment parcel weight must be greater than or equal to the total of shipment customs_info.customs_items weightCarriers expect that the package weight >= to the total of the weights for the product contained within the customs declaration.  The package weight must be equal to or greater than the totals of the customs weight values.
To resolve, depends on whether the item weights are incorrect (from the Item Receipts - in which case the Item Receipts need edited to fix it) or the shipping carton weight is incorrect (in which case the shipment weight needs edited to fix it).

Error states a customs value is absent but the price is appearing on the order.
FedEx does not support pricing for customs values under $1.00, so you will want to check this field to see if this is what is causing the issue. USPS will ship these orders.
No Shipping Method was found for Order XXXXXXXX for the Shopping Cart Connection XXXXXXXReview the Order in your SCC and ensure that a Shipping Method has been selected.

A note about shipping orders to international destinations:

International orders in Infoplus must have the Ship To Country field fully spelled out.  For example, if you have an order shipping to Canada from the United States, the Ship To Country field should read, "CANADA", not "CA".  Or if an order is being shipped to Australia, the Ship To Country field should read, "AUSTRALIA", not "AU".

UPS Specifics

UPS provides the following page which explains their various service offerings, and what kinds of shipments they can be used for:  https://www.ups.com/service-selector?loc=en_US

UPS has a tool available on their website to help you figure out what services can be used for specific addresses at  https://wwwapps.ups.com/ctc/request?loc=en_US

FedEx Specifics

Service Options

FedEx provides the following page which explains their various service offerings, and what kinds of shipments they can be used for:  https://www.fedex.com/en-us/shipping/services.html

Rates Shop Shipments

FedEx also provides a tool that can be used to rate shipments - which can be helpful for seeing what service names they list as being available for a particular address:  https://www.fedex.com/en-us/online/rating.html  To use this tool, enter your ship-from address in the first field, your ship-to in the second field, enter the required package details, and then click the SHOW RATES button to see services that can deliver your package

FedEx Ground Collect Service

When shipping with FedEx Ground Collect in Infoplus and the following error appears "Invalid Payment Type" This is due to shipping to a residential address. To remedy the error switch to an option that will allow a residential address to be shipped to.