To trade EDI Documents with a partner in Infoplus, you must setup an AS2 Partner record, which defines how Infoplus and your partner will exchange documents.  After establishing an AS2 Partner record, you can then create one or more EDI Connection records, which can share a AS2 Partner record as needed.  

For example, if you are trading documents with multiple retailers, or for multiple Lines of Business, if they are all flowing through the same EDI Van or service provider, you could have multiple EDI Connections all using the same AS2 Partner record in Infoplus.  

Infoplus AS2 Details

When you are talking to your partner, preparing to establish your connection, they will need the following information from you, which defines how they can exchange AS2 messages with Infoplus.

AS2 URLReplace ${client-sub-domain} with your infoplus sub-domain in this URL:${client-sub-domain}

I.E. for an Infoplus site with the URL, the AS2 URL is

Note that you will have a different URL for your Infoplus production site, than you will for you Infoplus test site.
AS2 Idinfoplus
Sign DocumentsYes
Signature AlgorithmSHA-1
Encrypt DocumentsYes
Encryption AlgorithmTriple DES (3DES)
Synchronous MDNYes (Preferred)

You will need to have received similar information from your partner, which you'll need to setup an AS2 Partner record  in Infoplus.  

Setting up the AS2 Partner

To setup a new AS2 Partner in Infoplus, after you have received your partner's AS2 connection details (as mentioned above), navigate to the AS2 Partner table and click Create New.  

  1. In the Name field, give this AS2 Partner a meaningful name for identification purposes.  
  2. Enter the AS2 Id and AS2 URL that the partner has given you.
  3. For the Request an Asynchronous MDN field, it is recommended to select False - but, if your partner requires Asynchronous MDN, then select True.  
  4. If your partner will be Signing Documents that they send to you, set that field to True, then paste in the partner's Signing Certificate in the text box below.  The certificate should be in PEM format.  
  5. If your want to send encrypted documents to your partner, set the Encrypt Documents field to True, select the Encryption Algorithm to be used, and then paste in the partner's Encryption Certificate in the text box below. The certificate should be in PEM format.  Note that in most cases, you will use the same certificate for both the Signing Certificate and the Encryption Certificate.
  6. Finally, after all details have been entered, save the connection.  

When you are finished creating an AS2 Partner, you can then proceed with creating EDI Connections.