Infoplus Baseline Mapping - Inbound 943 - Warehouse Stock Transfer Shipment Advice

W0601Reporting CodeF = Full Detail
W0602Depositor Order NumberPO No
W0603DatePO Order Date
N101Entity Identifier CodeSF = Vendor
ST = Warehouse
N104Identification CodeVendor Id when N101 = SF
Warehouse Id when N101 = ST
W2701Transportation MethodM = Motor (Common Carrier)
W2702Carrier CodeSee Infoplus list of accepted carrier codes
W0401Number of Units ShippedOrder Quantity
W0402Unit or Basis for Measurement CodeEA = Each
W0404Product/Service ID QualifierSK = SKU
W0405Product/Service IDInfoplus SKU
N901Reference Identification QualifierDD = Due Date (required)
DID = Distribution Date (required)
ED = Expiration Date
VD = Void Date
FA = Freeze Action
MO = Max Overs (required)
MU = Max Unders (required)
CO = Cost
SP = Sell Price
PR = Per
MF = Max Freight
CF = Charge Freight
MAO = Max Other
RD = Revision Date
PL = Prod Lot
AB = Art Back
COU = Country Of Origin
SA = Sample
ST = Sample To
SQ = SFP Quantity
N902Reference IdentificationSee N901