Infoplus Baseline Mapping - Inbound 860 - Purchase Order Change

BCH01Transaction Set Purpose Code01 = Cancellation
04 = Change
BCH03Purchase Order Number
REF01Reference Identification QualifierLOB = LOB Id
3P = Third Party Parcel Account Id
AB = Authorized By
AO = Alcohol Order Type
BT = Batch No
CC = Cost Center
CP = Customer PO No
DC = Distribution Channel
DV = Division
HC = Hold Code
IP = Integration Partner Id
IT = Order Invoice Template Id
MC = Media Code
OE = Order Confirmation Email Template Id
OS = Order Source Id
PA = Parcel Account Id
PC = Priority Code
PT = Packing Slip Template Id
R1 = Parcel Label Ref 1
R2 = Parcel Label Ref 2
R3 = Parcel Label Ref 3
SE = Shipment Confirmation Email Template Id
ST = Service Type Id
REF02Reference IdentificationSee REF01
DTM01Date Qualifier002 = Deliver On Date
037 = First Ship Date
038 = Last Ship Date
106 = Need By Date
TD503Carrier CodeSee Infoplus list of accepted carrier codes
TD505Carrier DescriptionFree form text name of carrier
N901Message QualifierGFT = Gift Message
OAI = Order Assembly Instructions
N902MessageSee N901
MSG01Order message
N101Address QualifierBT = Bill To
ST = Ship To
SF = Ship From
N102Company Name
N104Address IdentifierCustomer No when N101 = BT
Warehouse Id when N101 = SF
N302Street 2
N303Street 3For International, put province/region here.
N402StateFor US addresses only.
N403Zip/Postal Code
N404Country2-letter abbreviation
PER03Contact QualifierTE = Telephone Number
PER04Telephone Number
PER05Contact QualifierEM = Email Address
PER06Email Address
POC02Change or Response Type CodeAI = Add Additional Item
PC = Price Change
PQ = Quantity Change
POC03Order QuantityThis is the current amount on order before the change.
POC04New Order Quantity
POC05Unit of MeasureEA = Each
POC06Unit Sell Price
POC08Product ID QualifierSK = SKU - Infoplus SKU
BP = Buyer Part Number
POC09Product IDSKU or BP for line item
PID01Item Description QualifierF = Freeform Description
OAI = Order Assembly Instructions for item
PID05Item DescriptionSee PID01

Note: Any standard segments or elements not listed here can be considered optional. They will be ignored by the core Infoplus EDI mapping, but may be accessed by user-scripts for customized mapping