Infoplus Baseline Mapping - Outbound 856 - Advance Shipment Notification

HL LoopSegmentElementPurposeComments
N/ABSN02Shipment Identifier
N/ABSN03Date of shipment(YYYYMMDD)
N/ABSN04Time of shipment(HMMSS)
STD101Packaging CodeCTN = Carton
PLT = Pallet
STD102Lading QuantityNumber of Cartons or Pallets
STD106Weight QualifierN = Net Weight
STD108UnitLB = Pounds
STD502Identification Code Qualifier2 = SCAC
ZZ = non-standard carrier
STD503Identification CodeSCAC code when TD502 = 2
Free-form carrier description when TD502 = ZZ
SREF01Identification Code QualifierLOB = Line of Business Identifier
BM = Bill of Lading Number
SREF02Identification CodeSee REF01
SN101Identification Code QualifierSF = Ship From
ST = Ship To
OPRF01Purchase Order Number
PREF01Identification Code QualifierCN = Carton or Pallet Tracking Number
GM = SSCC-18 number
PREF02Identification CodeSee REF01
ILIN01Product ID QualifierSK = SKU - Infoplus SKU
HL***I loop only used when Cartonization-level data is known within Infoplus
ILIN02Product IDSKU for line item
ISN102Quantity Shipped
ISN103Unit of MeasureEA = Each
IPID01Description QualifierF = Freeform Text
IPID05DescriptionItem Description