Infoplus Baseline Mapping - Inbound 850 - Purchase Order 

01Transaction Set Purpose Code

02Purchase Order Type Code

BEG03Purchase Order Number
REF01Reference Identification Qualifier3P = Third Party Parcel Account Id
AB = Authorized By
AO = Alcohol Order Type
BT = Batch No
CC = Cost Center
CP = Customer PO No
DC = Distribution Channel
DV = Division
HC = Hold Code
IP = Integration Partner Id
IT = Order Invoice Template Id
MC = Media Code
OE = Order Confirmation Email Template Id
OS = Order Source Id
PA = Parcel Account Id
PC = Priority Code
PT = Packing Slip Template Id
R1 = Parcel Label Ref 1
R2 = Parcel Label Ref 2
R3 = Parcel Label Ref 3
SE = Shipment Confirmation Email Template Id
ST = Service Type Id
REF02Reference IdentificationSee REF01
DTM01Date Qualifier002 = Deliver On Date
037 = First Ship Date
038 = Last Ship Date
106 = Need By Date
TD502Identification Code Qualifier    
All standard valid codes
To use Infoplus carrier codes, use ZZ.
TD503Carrier CodeSee Infoplus list of accepted carrier codes
TD505Carrier DescriptionFree form text name of carrier
N901Message QualifierGFT = Gift Message
OAI = Order Assembly Instructions
N902MessageSee N901
MSG01Order message
N101Address QualifierBT = Bill To
ST = Ship To
SF = Ship From
N102Company Name
N103Identification Code Qualifier
N104Address IdentifierCustomer No when N101 = BT
Warehouse Id when N101 = SF
N302Street 2
N303Street 3For International, put province/region here.
N402StateFor US addresses only.
N403Zip/Postal Code
N404Country2-letter abbreviation
PER01Contact Function Code
Infoplus will only use the first PER segment in the N1 loop. If additional PER segments are sent, they will be ignored.
PER03Contact QualifierTE = Telephone Number
PER04Telephone Number
PER05Contact QualifierEM = Email Address
PER06Email Address
PO102Order QuantityLine Item Loop
PO103Unit of MeasureEA = Each
PO104Unit Sell Price
PO106Product ID QualifierSK = SKU - Infoplus SKU
PO107Product IDSKU for line item
PO108Product ID QualifierBP = Buyer Part Number
PO109Product IDBuyer Part Number for item
01Item Description Qualifier
F = Freeform Description
OAI = Order Assembly Instructions for item
05Item Description
See PID01
SAC01Charge or AllowanceA = Allowance
SAC02Charge or Allowance QualifierC310 = Unit Discount Amount for Item
SAC05Unit Discount Amount for Item
AMT01Amount QualifierDC = Distribution Charges
SH = Shipping Charge
T = Tax
TT = Total
D8 = Total Discount
AMT02AmountSee AMT01

Note: Any standard segments or elements not listed here can be considered optional. They will be ignored by the core Infoplus EDI mapping, but may be accessed by user-scripts for customized mapping