The Pack Station app allows you to pack orders into cartons and pack the order(s) using the Pack Station app. The Pack Station app can be used on any device, but it is optimized for Chrome on Windows/Mac, and iOS/Android devices using the Infoplus app.

To begin, click on the Pack Station (beta) app on the Mobile Floor Apps menu and pick a warehouse.

Steps for packing an order:

1. Scan or enter an order identifier (order ID) to begin.

2. Scan the order number or LPN associated with the order for the order you are packing (scan the order number from a packing slip) or type in the information and press Enter.

3. If you want to track the carton, scan the carton LPN (otherwise, skip carton LPN).

4. Scan carton type ID. Make sure to print out carton type ID barcodes beforehand and keep them handy, the barcodes correspond to different packaging you can use.

5. Confirm the packing. Once an order is complete, the screen will indicate that the order has been fully packed and will be ready to pack another order.

6. The order is now ready for the Shipping Station. Follow along with the Shipping Station article here.

More info:

If you know that all the items for the order will fit into one carton, or if you have chosen to not do a secondary scan of the items into the shipping carton (because you scanned during picking), click Add All Items (or scan the associated barcode). Then you will not need to scan each item.

If all items will not fit into one carton after you filled a carton, click Close Carton (or scan the associated barcode). After all items for a carton are packed, click Close Carton. If you have AutoPrint turned on, documents for the carton will be sent to a printer. You can view or reprint documents by clicking the View Reprint links at the Pack Confirmation step.

Pack Station Criteria

In the Pack Station Criteria table, users are able to select if they require completion of pick work prior to packing orders in the Pack Station app.  Either require pick work completion for quality control, or allow an order to be packed without the pick work requirements for greater speed and efficiency.