Using Infoplus Scripts, you can inject custom JavaScript code into all Infoplus Warehouse Operations Apps (such as Pack Station, Ship Station, Receiving, etc), to help deal with unique needs around barcode scanning, or other adjustments to inputs in our apps.

To use this feature, you define a script in Infoplus of a Script Type called "Warehouse Apps Input Customizer". Note: you can only have 1-such script in your site (technically, you can have more than one, but only the first one (sorted by id) will be used). An example is shown below.

The script gets ran in the Infoplus Warehouse Ops apps any time a value is entered into the application.  The script can manipulate the value that the user typed or scanned before it is sent to the Infoplus backend (for example, to remove digits from a barcode).  When the script runs, there are 3 variables available in the runtime context:

  • input - the string that they user scanned or keyed in
  • context - an object containing 2 keys: app and screen, to indicate where the user is currently running.
  • console - the javascript console object (which can be used for logging).

You can see debugging output from the script by opening Chrome Developer Tools, clicking on the Console tab, and observing lines prefixed by Input Customizer. You can use these lines to see what possible values the & context.screen variables will take.

Note that when you make changes to the script (ie, edit its code), you have to reload your (beta) warehouse app to reload the script to have your new changes take effect.