A Cycle Count is a physical count of inventory in your warehouse at a specified time. You may count only a portion of your warehouse's inventory or the entire inventory. A common cycle count occurs on a warehouse's entire inventory once a month. As a regular practice, it is important to count your inventory. A discrepancy between your physical warehouse inventory and the inventory within Infoplus is bound to occur due to human error within the warehouse over time.

Cycle counts are repeatable, and it is common practice to have a standard cycle in which inventory is counted. Fast moving items may be counted every month, or high value items may be counted every week. Different parts of your warehouse may be subject to different cycle counts.

How to Create Cycle Counts

Cycle Counts can be initiated via the location table.  You'll want to navigate to the location table, select the locations that you wish to cycle count, then run the "Create Cycle Count Work" process from the actions menu.

Note: The cycle count work tickets will be created in the same order as the locations are presented in the Location table.  User may want to filter or organize the location table prior to initiating the cycle count process.

Upon initiating this process, you'll be asked to specify an auto adjustment tolerance and a max work batch size.

  • Auto adjustment tolerance is a percentage for the 'acceptable' variance from the expected count for an item in a location.
    • If the actual count is outside the thresholds:
      • No inventory adjustment will be made
      • The cycle count status will be set to "Outside Threshold"
      • A manual adjustment will need performed by a supervisor to adjust the location inventory level
    • This is optional, if not entered, an inventory adjustment will always be performed if the quantity entered doesn't match the expected quantity.
  • Max work batch size in the number of cycle count tickets that appear in a work batch
    • This allows splitting up the work batches into numbers that allow utilizing multiple personnel to complete them.

Once you have completed this count and entered the information into an Excel spreadsheet, you can quickly create inventory adjustments in Infoplus. Use the Bulk Load Quick Adjustments tool to do this.

Note: If you are doing your cycle counts at a time you have open pick work, there is a chance you will subject yourself to additional inventory discrepancies. Keep this in mind.

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