Once you have been added as a user in Infoplus, you will receive a Welcome email. Within the email, click the Set my password link to create your password. Your password can be any combination of letters, numbers and/or special characters. You will then be ready to log into Infoplus.

Log Into Infoplus

  1. Click on your company's Infoplus URL that was sent in your Welcome email. The Login window will appear.

  2. Type your Username which is the email address where you received your Welcome email.

  3. Type your Password.
    NOTE: If you have forgotten your password, click the "Having trouble logging in?" link. You will be able to enter your username and reset your password. 

  4. If you want Infoplus to remember your username the next time you visit this page so you don't have to type it in, click the "Remember my username" checkbox.

  5. Click Log In. The Infoplus Dashboard will appear. 

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