In Infoplus, run your business in the office, on the go and on the warehouse floor using the most popular mobile devices on the market today. Use iOS and Android, tablet or phone, Mac or PC with an internet connection.

Infoplus gives you the confidence that it will work on your preferred systems whether you're iOS or PC. And there's no software to install so Infoplus is available from any device with an internet connection. All you need is a HTML5 compatible browser. The full list: 

  • Mac Desktop Compatible 
  • PC Desktop Compatible 
  • iOS Phone and Tablet Compatible 
  • Android Phone and Tablet Compatible 
  • Zebra & Label Printing Compatible 
  • Mobile & Line Printer Compatible 
  • Windows Printing Compatible 
  • LXE Compatible 
  • Honeywell Compatible 
  • Windows Tablet and Handheld Compatible 
  • Bar Code Scanner Compatible 
  • All Major Email Clients Supported for Alerts 
  • Supports Internet Explorer (Best on v. 10 +) 
  • Supports Google Chrome 
  • Supports Safari 
  • Supports Firefox