Infoplus takes the security of you and your customers very seriously. We understand how important it is to keep your data safe and secure. Infoplus' practical security measures are based on best practice risk management - and then we take it even further. Here are the details:

Encryption: Infoplus' first security defense is simple and important but often overlooked by others: We make sure every single connection between your computer or wireless device and the Infoplus servers is encrypted using 256 bit security encryption. This is roughly twice as strong as many banks use today. Unlike many other web-based services that provide encryption as an option, Infoplus provides this level of encryption and security as compulsory. There is simply no way to access Infoplus without at least 256 bit encryption.

Access: We go to significant lengths to ensure the connections our engineers use to manage your system and are also tightly controlled and secured. All engineers are closely vetted, and access to the server infrastructure by our engineers is only possibly via a 2048 bit encrypted VPN connection, secured in addition through private keys and a server-side access control list that allows for immediate revocation if required. While a small group of our engineers need to be able to access systems to manage, optimize and maintain them, the only services that are accessible outside this protected channel are via the website and mail server that you use, each of which is firewalled and locked down at the front door. The databases and application servers that store your critical data are never accessible directly to the outside world.

Segregation: When it comes to data security, segregating your data from that of other Infoplus clients is an important and effective security measure. In other hosted or multi-tenant applications that run in the cloud, one of the risks is that everything is stored together in a single database, and all it takes is one oversight to get unauthorized access to your data. When you become an Infoplus client, your data is kept in a separate, segregated database which is tied completely to only your quarantined deployment of Infoplus.

Vigilance & Expertise: Servers, websites and applications are created by people. Infoplus is built with top notch engineers who have more than a decade of proven performance in large scale technical environments for the most demanding high-tech companies . By choosing to build upon services within the Amazon AWS sphere, we've made sure Infoplus is built on the most stable, secure and proven platforms. Should a hole or exploit be found, Infoplus is architected to support a high level of automation. This means within a matter of minutes, Infoplus' systems and services will automatically update and patch. Infoplus' team of dozens are watching the system around-the-clock. They leverage their high expertise, vigilance and dedication to doing things right to ensure your data is protected and secure. - See more at: