Infoplus announces updates for convenience. Be informed of Product Updates with the launch of the Infoplus Blog. Easily get help in Infoplus with integrated tutorials from the Knowledge Base and use tooltips for hints to important form field details… plus a Bonus Update.

New Features and Updates

New home for Infoplus Updates

Introducing the new home for Product Release Updates: The Infoplus Blog. Bookmark it to keep up on new features and updates in a completely new format. All past Product Releases are also housed in the Infoplus Support Site for convenient cross-reference when using the Knowledge Base.

  • Access the blog anytime to get the most recent updates on new features.

  • To catch up on past Release Articles, choose one of the many articles that are accessible from the Blog’s home page. And remember to bookmark it.

  • Find the link, Product Updates Blog, in the footer on the Infoplus website or at the top of the Infoplus Support Site.

Solutions are just a click away

No need to leave your page in Infoplus to read Knowledge Base articles. Now get those articles in a convenient window within Infoplus. Whether you’re new to Infoplus or a veteran, enjoy this convenient access.

  • In Infoplus, click on the question mark icon and get a popup window of the applicable Knowledge Base article associated with that page.

  • No need to leave your original page in Infoplus.

  • Get helpful information on tables and apps throughout.

Tooltips defined

Get helpful hints when entering data in Infoplus for clarity on whether a form field is imperative to your business or one to harmlessly skip. Click on the field name to get an on-the-spot popup of that field’s purpose.

  • An instant tooltip is present whenever you see a field name with a blue link. You’ll see the link turn green upon mouseover.

  • Upon click, you’ll learn as you go with the tooltip help text displayed within a small box.

  • And if there’s more to the story, click a link you might find in the tooltip for more information.

  • Look for tooltips within the Warehouse Management section to start. Our team will continue to add more of these until all important fields have these helpful links.

Bonus Update

Download your Reports automatically

Reports that you generate in Infoplus (such as Work Tickets, Warehouse Documents for Orders, or Picking Documents) will now be automatically downloaded and opened for you in a new browser tab. Opening your report from your downloads folder on your computer after clicking “Download Report” is no longer needed. Opt out whenever you want by unchecking the “Auto-Download” box.

(The first time you use this option, you may need to disable your browser's popup blocker for Infoplus.)


  • Text fields are no longer case sensitive in the SKU, Customer No, Location Address and PO No fields. Infoplus will automatically convert any text created in a field to uppercase to make adding and searching simpler.

  • Item weight per wrap has now been added to the Item Receipt table.