Infoplus is building a better experience to assist with your ecommerce business right from the start.  Get acquainted with these new additions that help give you answers when you need them.

New Features and Updates

Let’s walk through Infoplus

Get the whole user experience. New tutorials walk you through tools and tips as you go along. Find these placed throughout Infoplus, and let them guide you. They’ll show you just once, and you’re done.

  • Gain a better understanding of the application.

  • See “hotspot” cues on specific areas that require further definition.

  • Give us feedback on our sample implementation of these Help Tools. We will take your feedback and apply that to the full launch coming soon.

Help us help you

Need to submit a support ticket? Notice recent changes to the best way to contact us. We’ve defined what priorities mean to you and our support team to help you get the right level of service. We’ve also updated our escalation procedures to ensure the best possible response..

  • Choose your priority level after reading through the descriptions to determine the urgency of your issue.

  • Get an email immediately after submitting your support ticket that clearly communicates how support will respond to your issue.

  • Always use a Support Site Ticket to submit your issue. You can also use the “Need Help” tab in Infoplus. Your ticket to be prioritized and handled within the set, actionable time, as promised.