Get the best out of what Infoplus has to offer. New Smart Filter features create reusable components with tracking and visibility to fine-tune your fulfillment world.


New Features and Updates


Trigger when you need it

And even when you don’t. Set up your Trigger once and turn it on or off whenever you want. No need to discard a Trigger when finished. Keep it. And when you need it again, reactivate it.

  • Prepare in advance for special promotions by setting up, testing, and then disabling Triggers before the event begins. Turn them on when you’re ready to go.
  • Reuse Triggers anytime by turning them off and on as needed
  • Give your organization more exposure on which Triggers are active and which are not.

The Creating and Managing Trigger article in our Knowledge Base will show you how to do this.



Track your Smart Filters

View all of the actions that were taken against your Smart Filters. There are times when you need to know whether or not that additional item was added to your order. View your Audits and see the results.

  • Get a detailed view of the entire lifecycle of a Smart Filter and Trigger each time it runs.
  • Track the exact moment when that additional item was added to your order.
  • Look in your Audit report to see if the Trigger was applied to your specifications.

Read more on how to view your smart filter audits in the Create and Manage Smart Filters solution article.



Get more accessibility

Now when you share a Trigger, choose who will receive Alerts about it. This gives more teammates better visibility into the helpful Triggers you create. Just plain amazing quality control over your business.

  • Add Trigger Alerts directly to your Dashboard to monitor your special needs.
  • Do the same for others by sharing the Alert so they see the same updates as you do.
  • Catch errors quickly by giving multiple people visibility to what your Triggers are doing.

Learn how to Setup Up Trigger Alerts.



Get the recipe

Get a glimpse of what criteria was used to create a great Smart Filter. Don’t just share the Smart Filter, share the recipe. Use this to show someone how you created the perfect Smart Filter, or use their Smart Filter as a muse to create your own.

  • Click on a Smart Filter that was shared with you to view the recipe.
  • Borrow advanced search criteria that was applied to someone else’s Smart Filter to eliminate the hassle of creating yours from scratch.
  • Share all of your greatest recipes with whomever you want, and refine your fulfillment world.

Get a glimpse into how to view a smart filter's criteria.


Bonus Updates



Descriptions for Smart Filters and Triggers

Add a description to your Smart Filter and Trigger to let everyone know what it is (and help you remember, too). Descriptions will display directly on the Manage Smart Filters or Manage Triggers table.



More options for Audits

View up to 250 records at once in the Audit screen and download any Audit report into an Excel spreadsheet instantly.




  • The LOB drop down menu in the search criteria throughout the application now sorts all lines of businesses in ascending order.
  • “Secure” has now been added to Put-Away tickets for items that have been marked as hazardous.
  • Infoplus now offers an option to define a prefix for all of your LPN locations. This will prevent creating LPN locations if something else is accidentally scanned, like a work ticket id or a product barcode.


That’s it for this release. Our team at Infoplus wants you to be happy, so keep those suggestions coming. Now, it’s back to more Infoplus improvements for the next release.