Get better optimization now -- more warehouse choices, more exposure to your processes plus an improved Order Assembly Guide.


New Features


Pick Your Way

Decide which Pick Documents are better suited for your organization. Choose from several options of pick ticket and pick summary layouts

  • More flexibility in choosing your picking strategy
  • Decide between a Pick List or Pick Summary with layouts available by Order or by SKU
  • Default to any Picking Plan that’s chosen when your allocation process runs.


More Exposure for Better Results

You need to know why a specific order didn’t process. Now, more exposure to view your Allocation Process Record makes the 

details visible directly on your processing results screen. It’s easier than ever to resolve issues instantly.

  • Get greater insight into your business process on a granular level
  • Dive deeper to find more specific details about your order allocation processes
  • Troubleshoot failed processes rapidly


Building Blocks: Lightbulb Moments

Infoplus wants to know how you’re using the power of Building Blocks. Have you had any Lightbulb Moments with a Filter or User Report

you’ve created? We’d love to hear about it. Share it with us at, and we’ll feature it in a future blog.


Bonus Update


Improved Order Assembly Guide

Thanks to your amazing feedback, the Order Assembly Guide has been updated to allow smarter sorting of orders and pages.


That’s it for this release. Our team at Infoplus wants you to be happy, so keep those suggestions coming. Now, it’s back to more Infoplus improvements 

for the next release.