This Week’s Release is all about quick results with Infoplus. Save time, gain insight on deliveries and guide your warehouse team. Learn about all new Quick Receipts, Parcel Delivery Dates, and Order Assembly Guides.Choose how many items you see per screen, plus bonus updates...


New and Updated Features


Quick Receipts Are Just That

Get ready to maximize your time. Infoplus just cut your receiving process to two steps. Create a new Quick Receipt or Bulk Load your items to receive. No Worksheets, no Put Away Plan, only fast additions to your inventory. Here’s how:

  • You now have two options: Receive inventory in the new, two-step process or continue using the current process as needed. The choice is yours.
  • Take away all these extra steps involved in with a receiving worksheet.
  • Create an Item Receipt for all of the items included within your process like that. Wow!
  • Continue to Uncommit, Print Work/Pick Work Tickets -- all can be done using either option after receiving inventory. It’s a good day at Infoplus.


Package Delivered? You Bet

Track your parcel activity even after it’s delivered. Parcel Delivered Dates are now automatically stored in the Parcel Shipment Table. Create User Reports for insight on all packages that were successfully delivered.

  • Create a User Report and have it sent out daily/weekly to keep track of all of the delivered packages from the previous day or week.
  • Use the Parcel Delivered Date as a search criteria.
  • Recognize shipping issues early to quickly resolve them with your carrier.


Guide Your Packing Process

  • Give your warehouse team a valuable guided reference. Ensure that each and every order shipped from your warehouse is packed to the highest consistency standard. Try out the new Order Assembly Guide in the Picking/Packing Process.
  • Use the Order Assembly Guide to allow the warehouse team to pack each box consistently in accordance to the guided instructions. 
  • Save time and enhance quality control by giving the warehouse workers a point of reference.


No Such Thing As Too Many Items

Or maybe there is -- the choice is solely yours when viewing items on Infoplus Tables and Results Screens.

  • View 20, 50, 100, or 250 items at a time. It’s your call.
  • Or, keep the default of 20.
  • Use the dropdown at the bottom of the table to make your selection.


Bonus Updates


Print and Go

Choose which documents you want to print from the same screen: Packing Slips and/or Warehouse Documents. One screen and done.


Search Results Are More Refined

Now filter your search to find results quicker while enjoying a new design. Find this page after creating a search in the Quick Search bar at the top of the application.


Housekeeping -- Always Important


  • Now get Customer PO (Purchase Order) Number as a field in the Order Entry screen when creating a new order. Handy.
  • You don’t see what you don’t need on Packing Slips because unnecessary Warehouse specific details have been removed. The Warehouse Assembly Guide has been added to take it’s place. It’s just plain easier to read.
  • Note that the data in the pick and work tickets has been updated to be consistent no matter which way they are generated. Consistency is king.



That’s it for this release. Our team at Infoplus wants you to be happy, so keep those suggestions coming. Now, it’s back to more Infoplus improvements for the next release.