This week’s release is about efficiency. Infoplus introduces faster performance, faster alerts, and faster search. These new features add time back into your work day through improved communication, time management, and a better user experience.


New Features and Updates


Enhance Your Performance

When Infoplus is faster, so are you. Experience increased productivity every time you open Infoplus thanks to heightened speed throughout the application.


  • Spend less time on activities that have little impact on your business like logging in, searching, and viewing results.
  • Use the time added back into your work day to create filters, use reporting tools, and build a better ecommerce business.
  • Take note of the areas in the Infoplus system that have improved. Users will notice a difference in the Home page, all viewing screens, the login screen and other areas throughout the entire system.


Discover the Activity App

The Infoplus Home page just got a little more powerful. Quickly view and manage any alerts and business transactions that your systems generate in one easily accessible spot: The Activity App.


  • Enjoy customized communication with your Infoplus system when The Activity App displays any new alerts or warnings pertaining to a specific user’s application.
  • Streamline your preferences by choosing how you would like to receive your alerts and what sort of alerts you would like to receive.
  • Integrate with your communication style by having alerts sent to your email in real-time with a link to the new Alerts Table.
  • Easily access relevant information through an updated Infoplus Dashboard where new alerts and warnings are prevalently featured.


Quickly Quick Search

Infoplus’ updated search function builds on an already powerful tool. Now, search for data within a table and throughout the application.


  • Take control of the way you search with one of two Quick Search options.
  • Get specific with your search. The search field within the table will look for any alphanumeric character in the table that is being searched. This option is perfect for quickly finding information on a specific order, item, or customer.
  • Cast a wider search net with the large Quick Search in the navigation. Look for all data within the application that is associated with your search criteria.


Bonus Updates


Advanced Ship Notification Search

Search for ASNs by using the Status criteria option. As opposed to searching by line item, search exclusively by the status of an ASN.


Pick/Work Ticket Improvements

Sort Pick/Work Tickets in Replenishments by “From Location Address”.


You told us what you needed to be more effective and Infoplus jumped into action. Infoplus wants you to love our software as much as we love making it. Please share your feedback on Infoplus with our team so we can get even better



Infoplus prioritizes constant improvement to the application that guarantees constant improvement to your internal systems. Where there are opportunities to take control of your business, Infoplus will help you find and capitalize on them. Infoplus invites you to experiment with the new features for this week and track what you can accomplish with the new-found time that has been added back into your day.