This week’s release includes new features, updates and fixes that will grant you more permissions, better performance and limitless barcodes.


Digest the details below:


More Permissions

Better monitoring allows you to better define roles and permissions. Grant all or limited access to your users. It’s your choice.


  • The ability to grant read-only, edit, or create access delivers you superior control of your system.
  • Protect your data by taking more control over your application.
  • Infoplus guarantees safe and secure user permissions which cannot be bypassed.


Better Performance

Enhancing performance within the application is powerfully important to Infoplus. From increasing the time it takes to load a screen to improving the speed of 

creating labels, these new updates throughout the application do exactly that.


  • The Create Parcel Labels process has undergone a massive update, delivering ten times the performance when creating labels for multiple orders.
  • Screen loading time has been accelerated. This gives you increased speed throughout the application, with up to 80% increase.
  • An Increase in the application's performance equals an increase in your business's productivity.
  • Our awesome updates deliver the ultimate Infoplus experience throughout both the desktop and mobile applications.


Limitless Barcodes

Infoplus introduces a brand new feature within the application which allows the user to add prefixes to location barcodes. The prefix can be any

 character--alphanumeric or otherwise.


  • Location barcodes are now limitless in Infoplus. You have the freedom to create location barcodes to match your own 

         unique specifications, not the software’s configuration.

  • The Mobile Floor Apps have been updated to accept scans with any prefixed barcode.

                            (This feature is optional.  Some of our clients have prefixes in their barcodes while others don't)



Infoplus is a powerful platform. It has the ability to positively and drastically change the way you operate. Every two weeks, the Infoplus team improves our product.

Every two weeks, you will see ways to improve your customer’s experience with your product. For specific details on how to implement these product releases, 

visit the Infoplus Support Portal or talk to one of support specialists.