Updates to Infoplus go hand-in-hand with updates to your processes. This week’s releases feature better shipping, better formatting, better data, better reporting, and better control.

Digest the details below:


New Updates and Releases

Track Shipments Instantly

Infoplus introduces the ability to track shipping in real-time. This level of oversight enables you to always be aware of the status of a customer’s order from the second it leaves your doorstep to the second it is delivered.


  • Use tracking numbers to supervise your inventory at every stage of the shipping process.
  • Create or subscribe to detailed reports on the status of orders using filter actions.
  • Receive alerts of successful deliveries.
  • Receive alerts of failed deliveries.


New Shipping Processes

Even more efficiencies are now available when cartonizing orders. Increase productivity while decreasing costs with double the control in the Fulfillment App.


  • Create labels on multiple orders in the Create Parcel Labels process.
  • Ship 2 or more orders at once in the Bulk Ship Parcel Orders process.
  • Trigger automatic shipping as soon as a packing slip is created for cartons with pre-generated shipping labels in the Ship Parcel Carton process.
  • Enjoy accurate reporting when the status of automatically shipped orders are automatically updated in your system.
  • Track any and all of your packages by adding License Plates in the Ship Parcel Carton process.


Build With Better Data

Now, access more specific data within an Order. The new Order Line app arms you with the tools to monitor the fundamentals of your operations. More detailed data means better Building Blocks to create the reports that allow you to control your business.


  • Gain information on any line item that is directly associated with an Order.
  • Use the Building Blocks for line items to create Data Analysis and Custom User reports.
  • Leverage these custom analyses and reports to monitor customer or market buying trends.
  • Take a strategic approach to your new analytics and use them to create new product campaigns or promotions.


(For customers who are familiar with IPC this new app provides similar functionality to the existing IPC Shipments File.)


Cartonize Single Items

Now, add new attributes to individual items within an Order. More specific attributes better describe and categorize your inventory as it moves through your custom processes.


  • Assign the attribute “Must Ship Solo” to allow a single item to cartonize individually.
  • Simplify steps by marking multiple items with the same “Must Ship Solo” attribute. Each item will be cartonized individually within the same order.
  • Enjoy the same functionality you are familiar with for items without specific attributes. They will continue to be cartonized appropriately.


Bonus Updates


Packing Slips Options


Now, a new Landscape format is available in the Packing Slips app. Browsing your many options is more convenient than ever before.

Bulk Load Order Update


Now, wide formatted uploads are supported by the Bulk Load action within the Orders App. Customized layout options make your experience with Infoplus more user friendly.


Infoplus is a powerful platform. It has the ability to positively and drastically change the way you operate. Every two weeks, the Infoplus team improves our product. Every two weeks, you will see ways to improve your customer’s experience with your product. For specific details on how to implement these product releases, visit the Infoplus Support Portal or talk to one of support specialists.