This week’s releases brings you better inventory management, cartonization, and bulk actions in the Orders App plus two bonus updates. To get started using these tools for even higher efficiency, read on ...


New Releases and Updates


Automatic Cartonization

Infoplus introduces a new cartonizing process in the Fulfillment App. Automatic cartonization increases productivity while decreasing your costs by fully optimizing the carton size.

  • Choose one or more orders to be cartonized. Enter the dimensions of the items and allow the automatic cartonization process to find the most efficient and accurate solution for packing the items.
  • Define the types of cartons a particular LOB has available for cartonization with the new Carton Type App.
  • View whether a carton is being shipped as a part of a cartonized order with the Carton App .
  • See which items are a part of a carton being shipped in a cartonized order in the Carton Contents App display. Good stuff.


Create and Modify Items

Now use the Items App to better manage your inventory. Use what was formerly view-only capabilities to now create, edit and delete items.

  • Click “Create New” in the Items App to create and store a new item.
  • Edit an item by clicking on the “Actions” button and choosing the edit option. Modify any fields you want.
  • Delete an item by clicking on the “Actions” button and choosing delete. Confirm the deletion, and the item will be removed.
  • Define specific attributes that are related to the item. Define allocation and mixing rules, too.


Bulk Load and Delete Orders

Now upload and delete multiple orders at one time with Bulk Load and Bulk Delete.

  • Drag and drop or upload a CSV or Excel file to upload multiple orders all at once.
  • Use the provided template for Bulk Load. You’ll know exactly what fields are required for success. Success, indeed.
  • Delete multiple orders at once. Click on the orders that are to be deleted. Choose the “Delete” option in the Actions dropdown menu. Confirm, and buh-bye.


Adjust Inventory in Mobile

Make inventory adjustments with the Mobile Floor App. Access it directly in that Location’s screen.

  • Click the “Adjust Inventory” button at the bottom of the location record. Adjust the inventory however you like.
  • Instantly view the adjustment on your desktop in the new “Inventory Adjustments” App within the Receiving App. Good times.


Bonus updates …


Manage Third Party Parcel Accounts

Now create and edit Third Party parcel accounts yourself.


Use Infoplus on Multiple Browsers

Now use Infoplus on browsers such as Internet Explorer 10 and 11, Safari, Firefox as well as PC’s.

  • Use Infoplus across all browsers, or perhaps just that one you really like.
  • Enjoy the same user experience no matter what machine you use.