This week’s releases are all about taking charge of your business! From the beginning to the end, Infoplus empowers you to do just that. Manage ASNs (POs), view order details, control parcel shipments, and more.


Create and Modify ASNs

Did you notice that the Purchase Order Table is now called an “ASN”? The reason for this change is that Infoplus believes the name “Advanced Shipment Notification” or “ASN” better describes its role of being a notice to the warehouse of incoming inventory,. You can now:

  • Create new ASNs by adding Line Items. (This also creates an Item Receipt record for each line item.).
  • Make modifications to pending ASNs 
  • Delete pending ASNs.

Manage Parcel Orders

Infoplus knows how important it is for you to control how you ship your parcels. This new process in the Fulfillment Application gives you this control.

  • Choose a Parcel carrier, set the order’s ship date, add shipment-level accessories, define the cartons on the shipment, and add carton-level accessories.
  • Track the status of your shipment in real time. Learn more about Tracking Parcel Order Shipment in our Knowledge Base.

Unallocate Orders

Available in the Fulfillment Application, this process gives you the ability to unallocate orders that have had actions taken against them:

  • Reverse the actions of an order after it’s been through the Allocation Process. 
  • Order status reverts to “On Order” and returns the stock that was allocated back into inventory.
  • Use this process for individual Orders or Allocation Processes. 


Infoplus on your Phone

In the last release, Infoplus was made available for your iPads and Android tablets. This week we’ve taken it a step further by making Infoplus accessible on your iPhone and Android phones.

  • Applications that are currently available on your phone are the Dashboard, Account Manager, Warehouse Operations, Reports, User Profile and Building Blocks. 
  • All applications work the same on the desktop, but now with touchscreen capabilities.


Updates, Bug fixes and more….

The Item Table and View screens have been updated to include several new tabs of information:

  • Substitutions
  • Supplements
  • Locations 
  • ASN Lines
  • Per-Warehouse Inventory Levels
  • Recent Orders
  • Proper Translations for All Codes


The Order Table & View screens include several new tabs:

  • Related Orders
  • Parcel shipments (clickable tracking numbers)
  • Warehouse Documents, which in the future will let users view Packing Slips, Parcel Labels, GS1, Labels, Bill of Lading, and all other system-generated documents associated with an Order