New Releases and Application Updates


Infoplus introduces a new feature in the Reports app that will allow users to define which columns the user would like to display on their reports and also share this report. With the “User Reports” feature, a user can choose and apply specific data to be displayed on the report by selecting “User Filters” to choose which topics they would like to be visible on the report. These reports can also be shared by following the current sharing filters process. The data that a user can select to be displayed can only be the data available within the report that is being queried. This means that at this time, data from different reports cannot be merged together on one report. Lastly, these reports can also be downloaded as a PDF or Excel spreadsheet. In the near future, users will have the ability to subscribe to these reports, so whenever a new report is generated, that user will be notified.


The new Parcel Shipment table in the Fulfillment app is now available to use! This table lists everything that's been shipped by Parcel carriers such as FedEx, UPS, USPS and more. Users can now search for information on shipped parcels by tracking numbers, carriers, order numbers or service levels. Soon, package statuses will be added to this table. Users will be able to track the statuses provided by the actual carriers to see whether the packages are in-transit, delivered and more.


The entire Infoplus application is now available in desktop view on your iPad or Tablet device. This will allow users to access all of the tables, processes and reports from their fingertips. This is only available on these mobile devices at this time.


System updates, bug fixes and more...


Fixes to all system Data Indexes:

This was an open bug known by Materialogic, where not all indexed data (specifically, SKUs and Quantities in Warehouse Locations) was not being kept up to date by the application in real-time.

Now, the application is able to index large tables within a short time frame, all while keeping data real time.  For instance, a location table of 170,000+ locations can be up-to-the-minute current within approximately 30 minutes.

Other key system indexes (Item Inventory levels and Order Fulfillability) have also been upgraded to similar levels of performance.


Reorganization of Apps for Fulfillment, Fulfillment Setup, Orders, and Order Setup

The focus of the Fulfillment app has been clarified (daily access by Warehouse Operations to fulfill orders), and many of its contents have been moved to 3 new apps:

Orders (under Account Management) - for daily access to Orders and related data
Order Setup (also under Account Management) - for occasional setup related to Orders (such as management of Order Sources or Reservations)Fulfillment Setup (under Warehouse Operations) - for occasional setup related to the Fulfillment of Orders (such as managing Allocation Plans and Picking Plans)