User permissions control the actions a user can take within Infoplus. User permissions that you select will be in addition to any permissions established by the user's role assignment(s). For more information on roles, see Add / Remove a User's Role Association. You can also edit an entire role's permissions. See View / Edit Role Permissions for more information. 

Edit User Permissions 

  1. Access the User table by pressing the dot (period) on your keyboard and selecting User from the drop-down list. A table of existing users appears.
  2. Click the  that appears at the end of the user's row for whom you want to edit permissions. 
  3. Select Permissions from the drop-down menu.The Edit Permissions window appears:

    - Permissions are grouped by Infoplus application. The left side of the window contains the list of applications. The right side contains the permission options within each application.

  4. On the left, select an application to narrow the permissions that display, or keep All selected (which shows all permissions on the right).
    NOTE: You can use the Search Permissions field to search for a set of permissions. For example, if you want to see all permissions related to Orders, type Order into the Search Permissions field and press Enter. 

  5. On the right, select the permissions to be assigned to this user by clicking the appropriate checkboxes.
    - You can assign "Read", "Create", "Edit", and "Delete" permissions to Infoplus tables, but you can only assign "Has Access" permission to processes and reports.

    NOTE: This Permissions window will NOT display existing permissions established by the user's role assignment (if a role has been assigned). But, any permissions that you select in this window will be in addition to the permissions established by the role assignment. If you want to see the permissions of a role, see View / Edit Role Permissions


  6. After selecting the permissions, click Save. The permissions will be assigned and you will return to the User table.

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