To connect carriers (i.e., USPS, UPS, FedEx, etc.) to your shipping accounts, Parcel Accounts must be created in Infoplus. 

NOTE:  If you ship orders via Third Party Parcel Accounts, these accounts “piggyback” off of a primary Parcel Account and you will need to create this account in Infoplus to execute third party billing for orders. See:  Create a Third Party Parcel Account.

Create Parcel Account in Easypost

Before the parcel account can be added in Infoplus, you will have to add the parcel account to your Easypost account.  If you do not have an Easypost account, please reach out to our Support Team to get one created. 

Create Parcel Account in Infoplus

What is Needed

There is four pieces of information that is needed to create the account in Infoplus:

  • Name
    • The values entered in this field will be how the account shows up in the rest of Infoplus. (eg Infoplus USPS, Infoplus UPS 12345, etc)
  • Carrier Company
    • This is a drop down list of all of the Carrier Companies that are available in Infoplus. 
  • Account No
    • This is the account number that the carrier company assigned to your account.  If USPS, just put USPS.
  • Manifest Partner Id
    • This comes from Easypost.  It is the Account ID that Easypost assigns after the account is created:
  • Manifest Partner Credentials
    • This is the API Key from your Easypost account. Note: if the account is being setup in a Test Infoplus site, use the Test API Key and if in a Live Infoplus site, use the Production API Key. Test API Keys will not charge you when you are producing labels testing processes out.

Creating the Account

  1. Access the "Parcel Account" table. Two methods:
    1. From the Dashboard: Click the “Apps” tab, click the “Manifest Setup” App, then click the “Parcel Account” Table.
    2. From the Quick Actions shortcut: Press a dot (period) on your keyboard, then select “Parcel Account” from the list of Quick Actions.
  2. Once on the Parcel Account table, click Create New in the top right. 
  3. Name the Parcel Account.
    1. This shows up across all of Infoplus.
  4. Select the Parcel Account's Carrier Company
  5. Enter the Account No for the Parcel Account.
    1. If USPS, just enter USPS. 
  6. Enter the Manifest Partner Id.
  7. Enter the Manifest Partner Credentials.

Note: Once the Parcel Account is created, it is suggest to, at a minimum, run the Lookup Parcel Rate process to confirm you are able to pull rates. Another way to test is to create a test order and ship it out. If you are using a Production API Key, make sure to void the label after.

Editing a Parcel Account

At anytime you can edit a parcel account if you need to change the Name (how it shows up across Infoplus) or need to update anything else. 

  1. Select the Parcel Account and go into Edit Mode:
  2. Make the changes and click Save

Assign a Parcel Account to an Order Source or Warehouse

If you have multiple Parcel Accounts for the same Carrier (eg 2 UPS accounts) you will need to assign them to the specific Order Sources that they need to be used for. 

Here is a Knowledge Base article on how to handle that process: Create an Override Parcel Account for an Order Source

Also, if you have multiple parcel accounts, one for each warehouse for example, you can also apply a Default Parcel Account to a Warehouse. 

Here is a Knowledge Base article on how to handle that process: Add a Default Parcel Account to a Warehouse