Making a smart filter a favorite means the smart filter is accessible from the Favorite Smart Filters section of the Dashboard and the related table’s App. When clicking a favorite smart filter, the associated table will open with the smart filter applied.

Make a Smart Filter a Favorite

  1. Access the Manage Smart Filters app. Three methods:
    Option 1: Click the  button in the upper left corner and select "Building Blocks." Then click the "Manage Smart Filters"App.
    Option 2: From within the table where the smart filter is saved, select Smart Filters > Manage Smart Filters 
    Option 3: From a page displaying the Favorite Smart Filters section, click the gear icon () next to the section and select Manage Smart Filters

    The Manage Smart Filters screen appears displaying all of your smart filters. Here's an example:

  2. Click the  to the left of the smart filter to make it a favorite. The star icon will now appear like this: . The smart filter is now accessible from the Favorite Smart Filters section of the Dashboard and the smart filter's related App.

    NOTE: If you want to remove a smart filter from being a favorite, click the star again.