Making a report a favorite makes the report accessible from the Favorite Reports section of the Dashboard and the report's related App. When clicking a favorite report, a preview of the report will display. To learn how to create a user report, see Create / Manage User Reports

Make a Report a Favorite

  1. Access the Manage User Reports App. Two methods:
    - Click the  button in the upper left corner and select "Building Blocks." Then click the "Manage User Reports"App.
    - Press the dot (.) on your keyboard, then select "Manage User Reports" from the list of Quick Actions.

    The Manage User Reports window appears displaying all of your user reports. Here's an example:

  2. Click the white star () to the left of the report that you want to make a favorite. The star icon changes to a blue star (). The report is now accessible from the Favorite Reports section of the Dashboard and the report's related App.

    NOTE: If you want to remove the report from being a favorite, click the star again.

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