You can get help 24/7 with the Infoplus Support Site. There is also help built into the Infoplus application.

Some helper tools to get you started:

1.  Any field name or column header in Infoplus offers a small tool tip popup, such as the one shown below:


2.  Bookmark the Knowledge Base home page.

You’re reading an article on the the Knowledge Base right now. It’s a library of how-to articles and videos provides everything you need to learn about using Infoplus. Bookmark the home page, and you’ll have handy access.

3.  Or simply use the Infoplus Support Site at

Ways to use the Support Site:

  • Type a keyword into the Search field to quickly see related support solutions.
  • Click the Knowledge Base link in the top nav to explore step-by-step “how-to” solutions.
  • Click the New Ticket button in the top nav to submit a support ticket.
  • Click the Status link in the top nav when logged in to check the status of an existing support ticket.
  • Click the Community link in the top nav to learn from others, post your ideas, vote on ideas, and see what’s changed in Infoplus.

Create and Submit a Support Ticket:

Infoplus lets you submit a Support Ticket within the Infoplus Support Site that properly prioritizes your request. It's backed by a team of Support Specialists ready to give you prompt service.  Learn How to Contact Us.