With Building Blocks, create standard operating procedures without the time and cost of custom development.

Go from this... To this...
Repetitive effort Repeatable processes
Individual data entry
Bulk manage mass data
Reliant on memory Trackable performance
Manage exceptions Systemize exceptions
Believe it's working Audit and know
Who to tell and when Automate info sharing

Here are the Building Blocks
  • Find: Query exactly the data you want to see
  • Tag: Mark records for custom tracking. 
  • Smart Filter: Save your custom queries for repeated use.  
  • Trigger: Take action on smart filters.  
  • Alert: Get notified of events in real-time

  • Share: Let others make use of the Building Blocks you've set up.  

  • Subscription: Send emails related to Smart Filters on any schedule. 
  • User Reports: View results the way you need them. 
  • Scripts: Use JavaScript for additional customization.
Use one Building Block or a combination of Building Blocks to achieve maximum benefit.

Building Blocks in Action

You have the following company procedure: 

When an order over $500 is placed, you need to monitor the order closely to ensure successful and timely fulfillment. Every Friday, you need to provide a report of these orders to your boss for tracking against company objectives.

Here's that need broken down and where Building Blocks can help:

  • When an order over $500 is placed... – Create a Smart Filter to find Orders over $500
  • You need to monitor the order closely… – Create a Trigger to send you an email when an order meets the Smart Filter criteria
  • Provide a report of these orders... – Create a User Report containing Smart Filter results in your preferred format
  • Every Friday... to your boss   Create a Subscription to the User Report for you and your boss every Friday at 10 am
You could continue to use Building Blocks to monitor the Order throughout the entire fulfillment process.
Using Building Blocks, the procedure is automated for ensured efficiency.

Highlight: The Infoplus Scripts Building Block

When you need a highly tailored solution, you can turn to Infoplus Scripts. These user-defined blocks of JavaScript code, executed within Infoplus, further customize Infoplus to fit your unique needs. You can write and run your own Scripts without leaving Infoplus. Scripts give you the power to use source code to build your business rules, however complex or unique they may be, directly in a familiar environment.

Here’s an example in which this feature could be used:

You have two Warehouses that carry overlapping selections of SKUs. You ship orders with multiple SKUs from the same Warehouse when possible, but some Order combinations require you to split the Order between the Warehouses.

By using the Scripts building block together with Triggers, you can automatically respond to Orders that should be split and ensure that SKUs are shipped from the correct Warehouses.

Learn more about how to create and run Infoplus Scripts.

How To Get Started With Building Blocks

Consider these questions to identify opportunities where Building Blocks can streamline your processes.

First, ask yourself these questions:

  1. What is an ongoing business challenge I face today?
  2. How do I recognize when it needs to be addressed?
  3. Who is needed to get it done and how?
  4. How do I know it was done right?
  5. What does it take to prove it and share outcomes?

Second, go deeper:
  1. What data is related to my business problem?
  2. What search would I use to easily find it?
  3. Who needs to do something with it?
  4. What actions need to be taken on it?
  5. Who needs to monitor and make sure it's working?
  6. What reports would be useful to have and share?

Then use one, some, or all Building Blocks in Infoplus to create your custom solution:
  1. Find your data using the search tool.
  2. Apply a Tag to help identify it.
  3. Save it as a Smart Filter.
  4. Subscribe to it.
  5. Share it with those who need to know about it.
  6. Use Triggers to take automated actions on it.
  7. Set up real-time Alerts to inform yourself and others.
  8. Create related Reports to share.
  9. Implement additional business rules with Scripts.

For Help
  • Use the Infoplus Community forums to share your Building Blocks solutions and see what others have done to systemize their processes. 
  • Our Support Specialists are here to help provide additional training on Building Blocks. Just use a Support Ticket to let us know, and we'll help you get started.

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