You can Audit a record to see a trail of activity taken on the record.

In this article, you will learn how to:
  • View a Record's Audit
  • Download Audit Details to Excel
  • Audit Table

View a Record's Audit

  1. Access the table containing the record you want to audit.

  2. Locate the record you want to audit and select the Audit action. There are two methods:
    Rest your mouse on the record and click the double arrows icon () that displays at the end of the record and select Audit; or
    Click on the record to open it and then click the Actions drop-down menu and select Audit. Here is a sample Audit window.
    NOTE: If you want to audit actions taken on a Smart Filter or Trigger, see Create / Manage Smart Filters and Create / Manage Triggers.

  3. Review the audit details. Click the Close link when finished.

Download Audit Details to Excel

  1. From the Audit window (see instructions above), click the Download Report button. An Export window will appear.

  2. If you want to export all Audit data, click the Start Export button.
    If you want to customize the export to a date range of audit activity, click the Advanced link and click the Custom Export radio button. Select a Start Date and End Date and then click the Start Export button. Here's an example of the Advanced options when exporting Audit data:

  3. After clicking the Start Export button above, a Report Ready window will appear.

  4. Click the Download Report button to download the file.
    NOTE: The report is also available via a link that can be shared for 30 days (shown in the screenshot above). Click the Advanced link to access the link.

  5. Click the Close link to close the Download Report window. 

Audit Table

The Infoplus Audit table is a searchable database that will allow you to search by items, job, location, work, etc. by filtering the 'Record Type'. Contact Infoplus Support if you have questions.