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Close Orders

It's possible that orders are not able to be picked completely and are not needed to revisit or backorder a portion of the order.     Would be helpful to have a method to manually close an order without having to "pack", "ship" phantom units and then adjust those on the back end.

Hi Timothy,

If you have your items back order setting set to 'no' (found in the purchasing tab) then Infoplus will completely remove those items from the order rather than creating back orders. Hope this helps!

If this is an exception or occasional occurrence, you can use our Outside Vendor feature to tell Infoplus you have product on the order you aren't physically fulfilling. 

We have backorder set to no - this was more about items that are allocated but not found for one reason or another.  Maybe the unit doesn't scan at the pack station & needs to be trouble shot.   

This is primarily for replenishment for a distribution network and not necessarily E-Comm orders.   

Rather than leave the order in an open status - would like to close those out

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