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Test Site Update to Reflect Live Site

It would be really helpful if the Infoplus Test Site could be able to sync to the data in the Live Site. Perhaps by request or on schedule, the Test Site erases what it has and essentially makes a copy of the Live Site so that I can run tests in a more accurate environment to what my company uses every day.

After using Infoplus for an extended period of time, the Live Site just outgrows the Test Site so quickly. As a result, any time I want to test something on the Test Site it's like stepping back in time to work on something and most of the data is no longer anywhere close to what my company uses anymore on a daily basis. So to make a sandbox environment similar to what we use daily, I have to manually upload all the new SKUs, LOBs, Orders, etc., etc., which can be a really long process if the Live Site has thousands more Items and hundreds of thousands more Orders.

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