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Skip Button on Mobile App

Can we get a skip button added to the mobile app when in pick work?  When working a Job/Order that has multiple pick locations, the system will only let you pick in the sequence of the work as pre-generated during fulfillment(I realize you can use the fulfillment pick list to pick individual work units, but scanning into the batch to pick up all the work is more efficient and ensures a work unit is missed when doing them 1by1).  There are times when it would be more efficient to pick items out of sequence from the fulfillment order.  A skip button would allow the user to bypass a location/pick to move on to the next location/pick and come back to the skipped location/pick at the end of the pick sequence.  I believe the pick sequence should look like this:

Initial Fulfillment - 

1) Item A

2) Item B

3) Item C

User skips Item A -

1) Item A - Skipped

2) Item B - Scan/pick

3) Item C - Scan/pick

4) Item A - Scan/pick

Not sure how well that illustrated the flow, but a skip button during pick work to move to next item/location in sequence would be a great benefit to work flow.  The same could be true when doing putback work or any work with multiple location/item steps.

Hi Nick,

Great suggestion! I have a few notes for you...

If you are using a simple wave picking methodology, you have the option to 'short' and then 'leave open' and that will put that particular work record at the end of the list and will allow them to come back to it after everything else is done - the 'leave open' feature is not available on pick to cart methodologies. 

I would also like to point out that you can use our pick list in conjunction with our 'fulfillment pick' app (found right under find work). This will allow you to scan the barcodes on the pick list to initiate the work via the scanner. Hope this helps!

I was aware of Fulfillment Pick (noted it in my post) I just find it super inefficient.  

I did not know about 'Short' + 'Leave Open'.  That is helpful and may work as a substitute.  I would say that is 2 actions when 1 would work, but I definitely want to see if this will work.

Thanks for the notes!

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