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Dissallowing receving of SKUs

We have some Kit SKUs that we never want to have Available QTY for. These Kits should never have available QTY as fulfillment will pull from that inventory first rather than the components.

It would be convenient to make an option to not have a SKU be receivable, so that warehouse workers/managers can't accidentally receive inventory for selected SKUs.

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Hey Eric, 

Great suggestion! I have a solution that might work for you. In the operations tab of each item you will find a field for 'ASN Rule' where you will see ASN required, ASN Allowed, or ASN not allowed. You might consider updating those items to be ASN not allowed so that the only way for them to receive is a blind receipt via the receiving app. 

I've tried different setting.

Any receiving is the problem:

Account Managers/Clients have entered ASNs with the SKUs in question.

Account Managers/warehouse workers have used Quick Receipts to receive the SKUs

Warehouse workers have blind received the SKUs.

I just need an option to totally disallow any of them from accidentally/misunderstandingly entering QTY for the SKUs

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