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Smart Filter List Folders

It would be great to have folders for smart filters in each of the tables. The longer a user uses Infoplus, the more filters they find helpful and like to use in everyday operations. The folders would help organize them and keep the list less cluttered while making sure only useful filters stay in the list.

A good way for it to function in the dropdown list would be like how Windows does its dropdown menus. The folders would be represented as arrows that bring submenu up when selected. I attached a screenshot as an example.

(1.04 MB)

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This is a good idea!!

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Hey Stephen, 

I agree with Ty, this is a good idea. I did want to make sure you knew about the Manage Smart Filters table, where all of a users smart filters will show up in one place. It's not as organized as your folder idea but it does serve the same general purpose. You can delete, rename, edit and share your filters with others from that view. 

You can also favorite your smart filters so that your commonly used filters will be available for quick and easy access on your dashboard. 

Thanks, Carter. I do use the manage smart filters table. It's helpful to manage filters (delete/share/etc.) but even that table could use some more organization because it lists every single filter I own, which includes different tables.

I have a few favorite filters but I run into the same issue of having a lot that are used.

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Stephen, brings up an amazing point here. I think this would be an extremely valuable addition to our company processes. Thank you for this outstanding idea!

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