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Order Table Estimated Cartonization Filter

I have been working on a new way to filter orders through using the estimated cartonization plan. This has been helpful for knowing the size of orders and putting similar ones together to fit just enough on a cart.

However, the filter on the order table is clunky to use. The data in the column will list the carton type that Infoplus cartonized the items with and also all of the items. Unfortunately, the filter looks at all of the items under the carton when trying to use "equals" or "include only." So any attempt to sort by a carton type can only be done through "contains." 

Using the contains is a workaround that functions, but it is only limited to viewing one carton type and will include orders with more than one carton. So if I type contains "12x12x12," it will include all of those orders plus ones that also have any other box sizes.

It would be helpful if using that filter only looked at the carton type data rather than the whole list. And if there are more than one carton on the order, it includes that in the search, just like it would when searching for SKUs.

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