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Pulling/transfer inventory from one warehouse to another? Execute a transfer.

We have a useful feature called executing a transfer which allows the free flow of inventory between warehouses. It involves creating orders with a specialized label/categorization, then running a variation of fulfillment and receiving. We've got a very useful walkthrough below:

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Did you get anywhere with this? I am interested to find out if you were able to come up with a good solution to support this? We also would like to limit picking of high locations and this sounds like it is an option to explore since InfoPlus does not natively have a feature to avoid certain locations.  

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This does sound like something we should be able to use, but we have different circumstances.  We have two warehouses - one with all our forward/active locations (A) , the other is backup/replenishment (B).  All of our B warehouse locations (all pallets) are marked as "non-pickable".  If we don't do this, it will show up as available to customers and into our fulfillment processes and create chaos with potentially hundreds of customer orders that only need 1- 5 SKUs.   B warehouse is meant to replenish active/forward locations on nightly or weekly basis.  Transfer orders don't work because we cannot fulfill from non-pickable B warehouse.  How do we get around this?  Thanks for any help you could provide.  


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