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Line Item Additional Columns (add more choices?)

It would nice to have more line item specific choices added to this feature. 

Currently there are only 4. 

Excellent, I tried to add Location however it does not seem to affect the Packing Slip Template. 

Hey Scott,

In the image below I have highlighted the area's that I was referring to. First, in order for the additional line item fields to be used you must set the One Per Carton value to false. This will tell Infoplus to produce a single packing slip for the entire order versus one specific to each carton. 

Second, I may have slightly mis-spoke in my first response. It appears that item level custom fields show up via the line item description fields and not order line custom fields. If you have item specific data that you would like to add you can create custom fields for them that will show up in the drop down under our standard item fields. Hope this clarifies things for you. 

Hello Carter,

Apologies for the late response, "Line Item Additional Columns" field is as Andy pointed out relevant to Packing Slip Template setup, I cannot seem to apply your original response to my request to add more columns/choices to this. 

Hey Andy,

The fields in your screenshot become enabled for packing slips that are not set to print out one per carton. You should be able to add other line item level fields in the item detail section of the packing any slip template, item level custom fields should even be available. 

Is there a trick to configuring line item details on packing slip templates? I'd love to expose a few custom fields in the template but the settings are disabled:


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Hi Scott, thanks for the suggestion! I just wanted to make sure you're aware of the Order Line table. This table pulls information from both the order and item table for robust reporting purposes. 

You can also add custom fields at the order line level that show up within the order itself. 

Hope this helps!

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