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Avg Fulfillment time on orders

 One of our clients is looking to display average fulfillment time for orders.

"I've been trying to figure out how I can see order aging on my InfoPlus dashboard. Would you be able to help me get that set up? I basically want to see the average time it takes for an order to be processed after it's been placed, per week."

This information would be extremely useful for us and our clients.

Hey Eric,

This information can be derived using the timestamps from the create date and shipped dates in the order table.   A simple script could be implemented (and triggered via shipping) that compares the two dates and updates a custom field with their value.  With that data you can create filters based on shipped date that summarize the average of that field. Let me know if this makes sense!

When creating a Trigger it asks for either Insert or Update.

Is there a way to set up an "On Ship" trigger?

Hey Eric,

You can setup the trigger to run on 'update' with the the smart filter simply set to look for orders that are shipped. As a result, the trigger will run whenever an order is updated to a shipped status. 

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