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Import shipping labels from third parties

I'm doing an integration between EasyShip and InfoPlus, and would love to use their shipping labels for a couple of couriers, instead of the ones from EasyPost. (Apparently the rates are slightly better.) Problem is, at the moment there's no way to perform such an import. I'm already using the API to import the orders, and can probably add the tracking number using External Shipping. But that won't let me pull in the label itself, even though I have access to it as part of the shipping details. So instead I'm submitting a feature request.
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Hey Dan,

This is a great request! I did want to make you aware of our file manager system that is exposed to the API. While this doesn't take the place of a shipment record in Infoplus, it does allow you to attach externally generated parcel labels directly to orders in the system. The files can be accessed at anytime from the order, or from the ship station when the order is being shipped. Hope this helps!

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