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Allowing a LOB to sell products from another LOB

Is it possible to allow a certain lob to have orders with items from another lob? 

We searched the documents and we found the transform feature which is very useful, but it would take way too much time for our workers to go, transform inventory, reapply sku barcodes on items and move them for each order. We have more than one company that sells products from the inventory of another company without a prior agreement of quantity.

What can be done with info-plus on this matter?

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It's a bit of a hack job, but here's how we handle inventorying of Carton Types (still a work in progress; I only began working on it last week).

It might be a start for you considering identical Carton Types often needing to exist in different LOBs.

0. Created an LOB for tracking Items (or Carton Types) "shared" by multiple LOBs.

1. Created an Item (you'd need the same item to exist in each LOB. Doesn't matter if the SKU is different).

2. Created an integer Custom Field called "itemId" on Carton Type. (could have used a string field instead)

3. Populate each Carton Type's itemId field with the ID of the Item that represents the carton type we want to inventory. (if used string for custom field, could use SKU here, but if same SKU is in multiple LOB then you have to deal with that. Hence using the item's ID).

4. (here's the part I haven't gotten to quite yet) Create a script to run at the end of each day that will count the Carton Types used per LOB, determine that Carton Type's itemId, then add (and execute) a Quick Adjustment (need to determine SKU from itemId). Also I haven't put any time into figuring out the location aspect, but that doesn't seem too daunting. Also to keep in mind Quick Adjustments use total quantity, not deltas.

That's the gist. There are likely some parallels with your situation.

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