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Notes in Work Tickets


This request is following a Support Ticket I had regarding Put Away work tickets and the "notes" field that is created. Currently there is no way that I know of of actually putting useful notes in that field. 

Excerpt from my support ticket: 

My end goal is to be able to add notes to Work Tickets (Put Away specifically), so we can have a little greater control on where we are moving incoming inventory. For example, in the Mobile Apps when receiving, when we select the Line Item, it can tell us if there are open orders wanting that particular item. I would like to be able to put notes in Work Tickets to say “This equipment specified for XXXX order, please store in Location A for faster processing” or something along those lines.


As for our change, is that we are building a new position within the warehouse. This position will primarily move equipment to a Forward location for order processing, as most equipment is stored in Storage and front line teams do not have permissions to pull from those location. (this is to help secure the movement of inventory). The position will also be in charge of Cycle Counts and Replenishments.


The current process we have is just using the Mobile Apps for receiving. Previously we would have one receiver and they would both receive and relocate equipment. With this new position we want to break that apart into two separate processes. One to fully receive on the dock, and another to store/stage. I’ve found that utilizing the Receiving Worksheet and creating work tickets allows us to separate that process quite easily. However we would like to add notes to the work ticket to direct the person to move inventory accurately. 

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