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Update Replenishments

The replenishment system in Infoplus needs to be updated to the Warehouse apps and the work batch system. Printed work tickets as the only option can get messy and confusing with significant quantities of work.

I think a good idea for how the work batch could look would be similar to a pick to cart, where I can have multiple SKUs in a batch that Infoplus moves to an LPN that I can define and then have me move it to the Pick Face Assignment.

In addition, I would like to see more customization with Replenishment plans and Pick Face Assignments. Currently, I can only set a min and max quantity in a particular location and then Infoplus automatically decides what I need to do. However, I would at least like to define a stock zone to replenish from and restock quantities/multiples. For example, if I need to replenish in case counts up to the max then it would be nice for the created work to only go in multiples of my case quantity, or whatever quantity I input, rather than going to the max no matter what.

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This sort of change would be a huge help and improve our process in a great way

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