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Fix 4x6 Parcel Label Bug

There is a known bug that does not allow the automatic printing of 4x6 parcel labels within an order in Infoplus. They default to 4x8 regardless of the settings.

It would be great to get this bug fixed to eliminate extra steps while printing labels, which happens a lot at a fulfillment center.


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Hey Stephen,

As long as you have your document set to 4x8 and a 4x8 printer specified, you can still print to 4x8 without issue. The small bug is that both 4x6 and 4x8 have to be toggled on in the auto print settings; however, both sizes should still work as long as documents/printers are specified correctly. 

What we've seen is the printing and barcodes are all scaled down to fit a 4x8 on a 4x6 when we do auto print.

Manually printing from a web browser  does not scale the label; it truncates the bottom two (blank) inches from the 4x8.

Stephen, how about you?

Andy, that's what ours does too, which is essentially what I heard from support. It would just be helpful to do auto print for the computers that I have setup without their own label printers and use LocalConnect to print to another one. I've figured out a work-around but it's still a hassle when it seems like a feature that exists yet does not function properly.

Is there a timeframe for fixing this? Or a workaround that's not manually printing each label from the shipping workstation?

We find that having to manually print each label is burning through time.

If you are printing only Infoplus' parcel labels from a computer, you can set the stock type to 4x8 in the printer settings in Infoplus (even though it is a 4x6 printer). Then you can go into the printer settings in Windows and change the stock type to 4x8 as well. Then it tends to print without the bottom 2 inches as expected from a 4x6 label.

The only issue then is that you will have to adjust your print settings whenever you would like to print a real 4x6 label. So it's the reverse of what you are currently doing. The advantage is if that computer only prints parcel labels from Infoplus then there's little to worry about.

It's frustrating for me now that I am trying to print different label types with the same computer and this bug forces manual work-arounds either way.

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Works beautifully -- THANK YOU for the workaround!

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I have been having the same issue here. We can have the automatic print set up but it comes out as a 4x8 on a 4x6 which makes the shipping label quite small on a 4x6 label. Has there been a fix for this? 

Give that workaround a shot as Stephen describes it -- we've been running on it for ~6 months.

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